St. Thomas University Law Students Shine Again at the Patently Impossible Competition

On November 7, 2013, the Dade County Bar Association presented the Fourth Annual Patently Impossible Competition.  The event was a fundraiser to benefit Dade Legal Aid and was held at the Miami Science Museum.  
St. Thomas University School of Law fielded three teams, a total of eight students who put their talent and commitment to their community on display. The teams were:

1) Raakib Bhuiyan, Becky Stavish, and Annie Martinez; 
2) Jeffrey Aaron and John Bernstein; and
3) Kevin Cudlipp, Felipe Rubio, and Michael Stopek.  

Last year's winners -- the team of Cudlipp, Rubio, and Stopek -- again brought home an award.  They got second place in a very close competition that required the competitors to assemble a patented device, a toy car, looking at the language of the patent and a bag of parts.  The competition was heated and there were many teams, apparently more than last year.  

We also had excellent support from a large number of St. Thomas University students who were there not only to cheer their classmates on, but also to help Dade Legal Aid raise money to continue their important work.