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Program Information

Welcome to the LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights
at St. Thomas University School of Law!

Roza Pati

Professor Roza Pati (center) & Students
Welcoming a delegation of human trafficking experts from Moldova

This innovative program is designed to offer in-depth instruction on the critical issue of our time: the protection of human dignity across political, social, economic and cultural lines. Lawyers, government officials, teachers, human rights activists, businessmen and women with a commitment to human rights and social justice are invited to St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami to pursue an advanced degree in one of the most dynamic fields of international law: intercultural human rights.

The excellence of instruction emanating from world-renowned faculty from the United Nations and eminent centers of scholarship create a highly stimulating learning environment and promise the most challenging academic experience of your career.

Students develop the ability to evaluate the major theories, practices and fundamental concepts in international human rights law and policy, as well as to conduct effective research and advocacy in the field of human rights in a practical and interactive way.

The LL.M. Degree is earned in one year upon completion of 24 academic credits. The program offers more than 20 mostly one-week compact courses in intercultural human rights. Human rights law and complaint procedures, international law, humanitarian law, human rights and terrorism will all be addressed as well as issues of refugees, women and children, indigenous peoples, religion, criminal law and international trade. Our courses exploring theoretical issues and practical applications guarantee that the program in its seventh year of existence continues to excel. Now accepting applications. Please download the application here.

Honors graduates of the LL.M. program are now also eligible to apply for admission into the J.S.D. Program in Intercultural Human Rights.