International Moot Court

The St. Thomas International Moot Court (IMC) is an honors organization that focuses in the study and application of international law. The IMC encourages law students to look outside U.S. borders and discover new ways to apply law with matters that affect people world-wide.

Each year, the St. Thomas IMC sends teams of law students to participate in distinguished competitions like The Philip C. Jessup competition, recognized around the world as one of the most prestigious international competitions. We are proud to announce that our St. Thomas team won rounds against Duke and LSU in the Jessup competition in 2011. Sean Ford also took home a Best Oralist award from a field of over 100 competitors. We are also proud of our team that made it to the semi-finals in the Pace ICC competition in 2011.

Not to be outdone, our St. Thomas team will be participating in these exciting competitions during this academic year:

The St. Thomas IMC is also host to the Susan J. Ferrell competition, an annual event with participants from universities throughout US and abroad.

If you have any further questions, or would like to join IMC, please contact any of the 2011-2012 executive board officers at

Board Members:

Lakita Foster, President

Henrique Pagani, Vice President

Cinthya Mendez, Secretary

George Goranitis, Treasurer

Faculty/Staff Advisor:

Susan Warheit

Siegfried Wiessner