Tax Clinic

The mission of the Tax Clinic is to educate and inform low income taxpayers, particularly those for whom English is a second language, of their rights and responsibilities, as well as provide legal aid in tax matters to the Greater Miami community.

The Tax Clinic is one of the components of the law school’s skills training program. The course consists of two parts. The first part is the classroom requirement, which consists of a class of one hour and forty minutes once a week. The second part is office work, which consists of interviewing new clients and working on live cases. The student represents the clients before the Internal Revenue Service, the District Counsel, and the United States Tax Court. In addition to the office hours, the student is expected to attend conferences with the Internal Revenue Service, job fairs in the community, and Tax Court sessions. The course is offered to second- and third-year students.

Prerequisites: Federal Income Taxation, Professional Responsibility. The student will interview with the executive director, who will give the student a questionnaire to fill out. If approved by the executive director, the student will be allowed to register for the course. Enrollment is limited and normally the student is expected to commit to a two-semester enrollment.
Course Credit: 4 credits (one semester)
Grading: This is a graded clinic.
Faculty: Larry Fedro