Communication Arts Graduate Certificates

Graduate Communication Arts Certificates are a means by which individuals may increase their knowledge and skills by completing five courses in an area. Communication Arts Certificates are available ONLY in conjunction with graduate degree programs, and students should apply for the certificates when they apply for the degree. Please see your advisor and/or the program coordinator for more information.

Courses completed in a specialization with a grade of A or B may be transferred toward the MA in Communication Arts upon acceptance into the master’s degree program.

Graduate Certificate in Art Management
Art Management gives successful graduates a comprehensive understanding of the communication requirements for effective management of art galleries, museums and events. Courses include the study of art economics, production, marketing, finances and fundraising and legal aspects of administering art projects.

Graduate Certificate in Electronic Media Arts
Electronic Media Arts focuses on film, television and video gaming. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students gain a comprehensive understanding of electronic media. This certificate would be an asset for both an academic or business career in media, providing a competitive edge in the media workplace and/or preparing students for continuing their education in a doctoral program.

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