Academic Policies

Ongoing Registration
All doctoral students are encouraged to make regular progress through the program’s required course work. Once enrolled in the program, a doctoral student is expected to enroll in at least one course per semester until completion of course work. A doctoral student may request in writing to be excused from enrolling in a particular semester. The Program Coordinator will review and approve these requests.

Incomplete Policy
From time to time, a doctoral student will not be able to complete all the assigned work for a particular class. It may be necessary for a doctoral student to request an Incomplete for a course. The instructor and student are asked to complete the necessary paperwork to request an Incomplete and to submit it to the Program Coordinator. Instructors are encouraged to give doctoral students in this situation sufficient support and time to complete the assignments at an appropriate level.

Time Limit
All program requirements, including the successful defense of the dissertation, must be completed within eight years of first enrollment in the doctoral program.

Financial Aid
Various forms of financial aid may be available to students enrolled in the doctoral program. Information on financial aid may be obtained from the University’s Financial Aid Office. Students in the Ed. D. in Leadership Management do not qualify for any current discount programs sponsored by St. Thomas University and listed in the Graduate Catalog.

A candidate admitted to the doctoral program is assigned a temporary faculty advisor to provide guidance in the initial selection of program courses. During the first semester of doctoral study, or upon completion of twelve (12) semester hours of advised doctoral coursework, the student is assigned a Major Professor. The primary function of the Major Professor is to oversee the preparation and completion of the program of studies and the development of the candidacy examination. A Dissertation Committee guides the development and completion of the doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral Studies Policies & Procedures Manual
The Institute for Professional Studies "Doctoral Studies Policies & Procedures Manual" provides a set of policies and procedures that govern doctoral study in the School of Leadership Studies. St. Thomas University Dissertation Publication Manual provides specific guidelines for producing the dissertation.