Cassidy Multimedia Center Develops Specialists

Whether you are a student needing help with a class project, or a faculty member wanting to incorporate video or audio components into a course presentation, the Cassidy Multimedia Center at St. Thomas University is ready to help you. Carlos de Yarza, Grammy nominee, and manager of the Center explains,” the Multimedia Center is a creative learning environment where students share ideas and learn from each other. It is a student driven place.  Since the way students think or dream is completely different from each other, they are able to develop unique concepts that are produced in the Center”.   

The Cassidy Multimedia Center has numerous resources that can enhance presentations for both students and faculty in various media formats. The Center has a Green Chromakey Studio, with a video and audio editing lab that provides students the ability to produce media projects. In addition, the Center is equipped with 18 Apple iMac computers and a wide array of Standard Definition (DV) and High Definition (HD) equipment.  The computer systems have basic and professional editing software along with tools for video animation, audio recording and post-production and image design.
The editing rooms are also equipped for DVD authoring and
creating web-related media projects. 

While the Center is available to all university graduate and undergraduate students, communications majors take particular advantage of the many resources in the studio.  The Cassidy Multimedia Center has been assisting students and faculty since it found its new home in the Fernandez Wellness Center in 2010.  Through the support of Michael Cassidy, alum of St. Thomas University, the Center has contributed to the education of many students in the communications programs and produced numerous projects for the entire university.  

The BA in Communication Arts housed in the Institute for Communication, Entertainment and Media prepares students to become writers, producers, media and communications specialists for careers in various creative industries and corporate environments.  The Institute’s faculty assists students and encourages them to produce their own vision through media projects.  As students discover their unique potential and explore their talents, they are transformed into media and communications professionals.  Learning to manage multimedia communications empowers students to become creative and innovative specialists for the 21 century. 

A source of pride for the Institute for Communication Entertainment and Media is the locally produced WSTU 95, online television station that is student managed. Programs like What’s the Buzz and the newly produced College Grind are excellent examples of the collaboration with the Cassidy Multimedia Center and Communication Arts students at work. Please click here to check the station

The graduate program in Communication Arts offers two specializations in Arts Management and Electronic Media Arts. Both specializations develop the management and writing skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing landscape of the work force. Graduate student are encouraged to visit the Center to add to their course work presentations. 

As students work on their assignments they should consider adding some creativity to their projects. The Cassidy Multimedia Center is there help students incorporate a unique twist to their presentations or to produce short videos to impress.
The operating hours of the Multimedia Center are 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, Mondays through Thursdays and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Fridays. For more information regarding the undergraduate and graduate communications programs at St. Thomas University please call 305.474.6946 or email

Alina Philipp and Yingmei Yan