STU Assistant Professor Published in Top Research Journal

Dr. Sony J. Raj, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communication, Entertainment & Media has been published in the number 1 research journal in the world, The Review of Educational Research.  Throughout the world there are 216 Journals  in Education and Educational Research. 

The Review of Educational Research is number one out of this 216, (according to Dow Jones, ISI, SCOPUS, Reuters)
In addition it also has the highest impact factor in the world (Impact Factor 4.229/ 5.000)

 Congrats to Dr. Sony J. Raj! 

Research Publications by Dr Sony Jalarajan Raj in the year of 2013, Institute for Communication, Entertainment & Media (ICEM) St. Thomas University.

Book Chapters
  • Jalarajan Raj, S. & Rohini, S. (2013). Desi turns Malay: Indian cinema redefined as crossover in the Malaysian market. In S. Khorana. (Eds.), Crossover cinema: Cross-cultural film from production to reception. New York: Routledge. 153-166. ISBN-10: 0415630924 | ISBN-13: 978-0415630924

  • Jalarajan Raj, S., Taman, E., & Govindasamy, M. (2012). Malaysian journalists:  Basic profile and views on profession. In D. H. Weaver & L. Willnat (Eds.), The global journalist in the 21st century. New York: Routledge. 78-91. ISBN 978-0-415-88576

  • Jalarajan Raj, S., & Rohini, S. (2013). Experimenting the e-Development: New media and the development of a digital Society. In K. Prasad (Eds). New media and pathways to social change: Shifting development discourses. New Delhi: B. R. Publishing Corporation. 89-114. ISBN 9789350501115.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S., & Muniappan, B. (in press). The “dharma” (duty) and “karma” (action) of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication from the perspectives of Vedanta. In R. Tench, B. Jones, & W. Sun (Eds). Communicating corporate social responsibility: Lessons from theory and practice.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S., & Soumya, J. (in press). Indian Omnipresence in Global Literature: Textualising the Diasporic Metaphors. In K.S. Maniam’s The Return and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. In K. V. Dominic (Eds). World English fiction: Bridging oneness. 

  • Jalarajan Raj, S., & Rohini, S. (in press). Slum Extravaganza!!!Cultural and Geopolitical Representation of Dharavi in celluloid India. In J. Tse- Hei Lee & S. K. Kolluri (Eds). A reader on Hong Kong and Bollywood cinema.

Peer Reviewed & Refereed Journals
  • Jalarajan Raj, S., Thomas, Susan. , Chie, Ting, Quiu., Abraham, Mathew., (2013). A qualitative Review of Literature on Peer Review of Teaching in Higher Education: An application of the SWOT framework. Review of Education Research, A journal by American Educational Research Association. Vol. 83(4). ISSN: 0034-6543. DOI 10.3102/0034654313499617. Impact Factor: 4. 229 | Ranking: 1/216 in Education & Educational Research.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. & Rohini, S. (2013). Forbidden waves in Malaysian Cinema: A study on sexuality and the contemporary mainstream Malaysian LGBT films. Journal of Homosexuality, Taylor & Francis Journals (Routledge). 60 (10). ISSN 0091-8369 

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. (2013). A study on the perception of university lecturers on the use of reflective teaching practice as part of peer review process. Journal of Education Chronicle, 4 (1), 5-14. ISSN 2229-6220.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. & Rohini, S. (2013). Colonial Rebels in Indian Cinema: Narratives, ideology and popular culture. Journal of Creative Communication, Sage Journals, 6(2), ISSN 0973-2586.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. & Ruiz, G. P. (2013). An enquiry on the strategies of media organization to sustain creative and innovative environment among its employees. Review of Strategic and International Studies, 5(1), 38-46. ISSN 2326-8085.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. (2013). New media and technology in a global information age: Multi-platform vertical integrations and acquisitions in the global media spectrum. Media Watch: An International Research Journal of Communication and Media, 4(2). ISSN 0976 0911. e-ISSN 2249 8818.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. & Soumya, J. (2013). Shamanism and African identity: An exploration into August Wilsons Joe Turner’s come and gone. Labyrinth: An International Refereed Journal of Post Modern Studies, 4(1), 91-103. ISSN 0976-0814.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S. & Soumya, J. (2013). The Making of a Rebel: A Reading of Richard Wrights Native Son. The Journal of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences & Humanities, 7(1&2), 69-85. ISSN 0973-3353.

  • Jalarajan Raj, S., & Soumya, J. (2013, March). African culture and oral narratives: An analysis of the story telling in August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s black bottom. Discourse: Xavierian Research Journal, A Refereed Inter-disciplinary Studies and Research Journal 1(1), 41-45. ISSN 2321-0214