Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

The BA in Communication Studies is designed for working adults who are interested in developing an understanding of communication principles and practice and their application in many settings, especially in the areas of marketing, public relations, and advertising. The program is designed to be delivered in a variety of settings and formats. 

Program Learning Outcomes
A student who completes the B.A. in Communication Studies is able to

  1. Design and create quality marketing, public relations, advertising materials.
  2. Compose and deliver clear and articulate oral messages.
  3. Evaluate and apply appropriate current technology.
  4. Examine the power of media and the ethical use of this power.

Program Student Outcomes Assessment
These outcomes are assessed in COM 497 Internship, the program’s capstone course. The ability to design and create quality marketing/public relations materials is assessed through the submission of a portfolio. The composition of clear and articulate oral messages is assessed through an oral presentation. The evaluation and application of appropriate current technology is assessed through the portfolio and oral presentation. The examination of the power of media and the ethical use of such power is assessed though the submission of a case study.

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