General Education Requirements (42 credits)

Catholic Identity (3 credits)
3 credits from courses identified as Catholic Identity courses. This course may satisfy other GER or Major requirements. This course cannot be used to satisfy the Religious Studies requirement.

Diversity (3 credits)
3 credits from courses identified as Diversity courses. This course may satisfy other GER or Major requirements.


Core Courses (30 credits)

ART 201/202 Art Survey Courses level 100 or above
CIS 103 Introduction to Web Page Design
COM 102 Society and Mass Media
COM 105 Speech
COM 107 Introduction to Creative Processes
COM 201 Theatrical Elements: Foundations for Communications, Entertainment, and Media Arts
COM 203 Introduction to Film Art & Analysis
COM 208 Media Ethics
COM 487 Leadership for Communications and Media Capstone Course)
COM 497-499 Internship in Communication Arts (Capstone Course)
(A minimum of 3 credits in Internship is required with up to 9 credits available

SKILLS COURSES (27 credits)

Critical (choose 3 courses)

ART 246 Elements of Design: Color and Composition
ART 249 Marketing of the American Artist
ART 335 Visual Analysis through Contemporary Art
COM 302 TV Drama: Past, Present, and Future
COM 306 Advanced Speech and Professional Speaking
COM 307D Global Media
COM 349 Film Animation Critical Studies
COM 402D Youth and Media
COM 403 Power of Advertising
COM 407C Catholicism and Film
COM 409D Video Game Analysis
COM 450D Critical Survey of World Film

Technology and Creative Processes (choose 3 courses)

ART 244 Introduction to Drawing
ART 245 Introduction to Painting
ART 248 Photography
ART 251 Introduction to Graphic Design
ART 344 Intermediate Drawing
ART 345 Intermediate Painting
CIS 340 Multimedia Systems
COM 304 Speaking on Radio & TV
COM 306 Advanced Speech and Professional Speaking
COM 310 Broadcast Production
COM 348 Photojournalism
COM 410 Advanced Broadcast Production

Content Development (choose 3 courses)

COM 303 Writing for “TV”
COM 343 News Reporting and Investigative Journalism
COM 346 Message Design for Public Relations
COM 347 Message Design for Advertising
COM 375 Screenwriting
COM 400 Critical Communications for the Professional World
COM 443 Advanced News Reporting and Investigative Journalism
COM 448 New Media and Blogging

COM 495 Special Topics: Depending on the topic covered, this course may be used to satisfy the appropriate communication area. Selected courses in one of the skills areas may satisfy an area other than where presently listed with approval of academic advisor.

18 credits level 100 or above (These courses may not included ENS, ESL, or Basic Skills Courses)

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