Minor in Visual Arts

The goal of the Visual Arts Minor is to develop creative thinkers that have the skill and technique to rise to diverse challenges. The student will be familiar with and develop competence in a number of art skills, and have the ability to recognize major achievements in the history of art. St Thomas University Arts Minor students are encouraged to think critically, joining knowledge and skill to their individual creative vision.
The Visual Arts Minor is designed to complement and support the Majors that are currently provided at St Thomas University. This support is linked to learning to be creative in problem solving.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will identify and produce quality production materials for their area of study. 
  2. Students will acquire and demonstrate critical thinking skills.

Outcome Assessment:

  1. Upon completion of the minor, students will submit to the Visual Arts Minor coordinator a portfolio that demonstrates research, direction and theme.
  2. Upon completion of minor, students will exhibit works at an on campus pop up gallery.

Questions or comments please contact:
Dr. Marcela Moyano, Director mmoyano@stu.edu or 305.474.6840
Administrative Offices: mclarke@stu.edu or 305.628.6645