Undergraduate Programs

St. Thomas University students are prepared to enter the classroom after graduation through a variety of strategies. Education course objectives are aligned to state competencies and skills for professional education. Required course work is also infused with ESOL training, technology, and the use of a variety of assessment techniques including portfolio assignments.  Applied classroom knowedge is offered through field-based experiences incorporated into each required course and tied to the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices.

Graduates are required to work with a principal in order to obtain a professional certificate and satisfy their state requirements. According to Dr. Julio Carrera, Principal of South Hialeah Elementary School “I have hired 5 non-traditional students from the elementary education program at St. Thomas. They have made excellent classroom teachers who easily completed the remaining professional certificate requirements.”

St. Thomas University undergraduate education majors vary from traditional to non- traditional students. As such, we have worked with numerous immigrants or the children of immigrants who have a deep desire to become a teacher and give back to their communities.  Others are older adults who have jobs and family responsibilities. Non-U.S. students come to St.Thomas to develop their teaching skills and return to their home countries to pursue teaching careers.

In an effort to meet the unique needs of  non-traditional students, St. Thomas offers undergraduate teacher preparation programs that emphasize the completion of professional education and subject area course work as the only degree requirement.

Unlike traditional education programs where new classes typically begin twice a year, St. Thomas offers "rolling admission."  Convenient evening and online classes are offered for the working professional.