Pre-Professional Program

Not Enough Credits to Enroll in our B.A. Program?
Join the “PRE- PROFESSIONAL” PROGRAM and graduate in no time at all!

Students who have attended college for brief periods, and now work in business, industry or the public and private sectors, and do not have the required 45 transferable credits to enroll in the BA in Organizational Leadership or the BA in Health Records and Information Management, may be invited to enroll in our Pre-Professional Program (“Pre-OL”). All courses are offered entirely online using the Blackboard platform. A student does not need prior college credits to be eligible for this program, but candidates must apply for admission to the BA in Organizational Leadership or the BA in Health Records and Information Management.

The Pre-OL consists of a series of General Education Courses and is organized in the same format as the Organizational Leadership and the Health Records and Information Management programs. Students are eligible to enter the BA in Organizational Leadership or the BA in Health Records and Information Management after the accumulation of 45 credits. Each class runs for 5 consecutive weeks, and is provided totally through on-line instruction. Financial Aid is available for eligible students.

The Pre-OL is consistent with St. Thomas University mission to offer working persons the opportunity for transition from the world of work to the challenges of university studies provided in the accelerated programs. The accelerated courses and the on-line delivery modes in this program accommodate the schedules of adults and encourage them to complete their degree requirements in a timely and supportive manner.

The Pre-OL format brings together students whose professional backgrounds and experiences are diverse, share common academic goals and are ready for the challenges of undergraduate studies in a cohort format. In this unique environment each participant brings valuable experiences and skills to the various general education courses, thus further enriching each other’s experiences.

Admissions Requirements:  To be admitted to the Pre-Professional Program, a student does not have to present a minimum high school GPA, nor a minimum college GPA because no prior college experience is required. An applicant must:

  1. Be at least 23 years of age.
  2. Have at least five years progressive work experience.
  3. Have a high school diploma or GED.

For continued enrollment in the Pre-OL program, a student must maintain a GPA of at least 2.50 for the first 12 credits of enrollment.

Students in the Pre-OL program must apply to the BA in Organizational Leadership or Health Records and Information Management when they have completed 30 credits with a GPA of 2.00.

Gillian Fisher
Program Director
Institute for Professional Studies
St. Thomas University
16401 NW 37 Ave,
Miami Gardens, FL 33054.
Tel: 305 474 6848