You will do at least 2 paid summer internships with the USDA: 

  This will allow you to gain experience and techniques that will prepare you for a bright future in the agricultural science field, at the same time that you are making new friends, having fun, and exploring different cities.

Our Students, Summer 2012
Garrick Ameede is working at USDA Forest Service at Denver, Colorado as a Forest Aid-General

Vanessa Valentin  and Karenyn Herdocia
are working at Invasive Plant Research Lab at the USDA/ARS in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Effect of temperature on insects rate of development, leaf consumption, and nutrient assimilation
Siffredi Ramos is working at the USDA-ARS in Fort Pierce, FL on using molecular biology techniques for virus detection in citrus plants
Karen Vergara was selected by USDA-APHIS -Animal Care to go to Washington, DC. To work at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo as a Veterinarians and Zookeepers Aid
Carlos Vazquez is working at USDA-ARS Miami, FL on the  Chemical Characterization of Flower Pigments
Claudia Galdames is working at USDA-ARS Miami on the identification of non-native insect pests
You will also travel  to national conferences, visit USDA facilities, and attend professional development workshops throughout the academic year.