Students in pre-professional programs, including premedical, pre-dental and pre-veterinary programs, as well as those planning to attend graduate programs in biology, environmental science or pharmacy, would benefit from the minor in Chemistry. Both the physical science and biology sections of the MCAT have numerous questions from general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Most biology programs emphasize molecular biology  – the chemical/molecular basis of biology – that has led to success in the human genome project and the biotechnology industry, including genetically modified foods.

Prerequisites                                                                             (6 credits)
The following courses must be completed prior to starting the minor in Chemistry:
        MAT  181  Pre-calculus Algebra or equivalent or higher
        MAT 232  Calculus I or equivalent if CHE 355 Basic Physical Chemistry is taken as an elective

Program Requirements                                                              (20 credits)
        CHE 102,102L General Chemistry II + laboratory
        CHE 243,243L Organic Chemistry I + laboratory
        CHE 321,321L Quantitative Analysis + laboratory
        BIO 352,352L Biochemistry I + laboratory
Two of the following courses or other 300 – or 400 – level CHE:

Electives                                                                                        (minimum of 6 credits)
        CHE    244,244L  Organic Chemistry II + laboratory
        CHE    355          Basic Physical Chemistry 
        CHE    460          Inorganic Chemistry
        BIO     353,353L Biochemistry II + laboratory