The Computer Science program is designed to provide students with solid theoretical foundations of information and computation, and practical techniques in design and implementation of applications in computer systems. The program provides a balance between the standards of problem-solving techniques and hands-on projects of system implementation. This program demonstrates and focuses on skills in critical thinking, project development, independent study, and research in different fields in Computer Science as well.

Program Requirements                (120 credits)
Major Prerequisites                                            (37 credits)
        CIS 105, 280L Introduction to Programming in C and UNIX + laboratory
        CIS 140, 280L Introduction to Computer Programming 1/JAVA + laboratory
        CIS 201 Foundation of Computer Science
        CIS 241, 280L Programming in Assembly Language + laboratory
        MAT 205 Applied Statistics
        MAT 215 Discrete Mathematics
        MAT 232 Calculus I
        MAT 233 Calculus II
        PHI 152 Logic
        PHY 207, 207L University Physics I + laboratory

Major Requirements                                           (27 credits)
        CIS 351 Software Engineering
        CIS 360 Data Structures and Algorithms
        CIS 410 Computer Architecture
        CIS 430 Database System Design and Development
        CIS 451 Foundation of Operating Systems
        CIS 470 Introduction to Computer Theory

Major Electives
Take 3 courses in Computer Science at the 300 level or above.

Mathematics Electives
Take 3 courses in Mathematics at the 300 level or above. 9 credits

General Electives 5-17 credits
5-17 credits courses 100 level or above. (Not ENS or ESL)