The Minor in Computer Information Systems is designed to give students in all disciplines a basic knowledge of information technology. The students will be exposed to the concepts of programming, database design, web technologies, and computer systems. The purpose of the minor is to equip students with the necessary tools to function more effectively in our information based technical work place. It also provides the necessary course work to enable the student to pursue a career in information technology.

Course Requirements                         (19 credits)
        CIS 103 Introduction to Web Page Design
        CIS 150, 280L Foundation of Computer Systems + laboratory
        CIS 205 Microcomputer Applications
        CIS 305 Database Concepts Using ACCESS

Take any two of the following elective courses:
        CIS 325 Information Technology Project Management
        CIS 330 E-commerce Technologies
        CIS 340 Multimedia Systems
        CIS 430 Database System Design and Development