Edmundo G. Hart, EdD
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
MS, Chemical Engineering University of Havana; EdD, Nova University, Florida, US
Phone: 305-628-6571
Office: Carnival Building, Room 116

Education at the University of Havana included graduate work in the School of Science towards the combined Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Thirty one graduate credits in mathematics and twenty five graduate credits in Physics.

In Puerto Rico, Dr. Hart served 10 years as Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, and the Nursing Program at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, which is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Universities.

Dr. Hart came to Miami in 1982 and has been working in St. Thomas University for 33 years.

During his long career in academia, Dr. Hart attended several seminars:

  • B. F. Goodrich, Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resins, Cyclized Rubber, and Synthetic Rubber.
  • Union Carbide Investigation Center for polymeric materials. Bound Brook, N.J. US.
  • Loctite Corporation, Newington Connecticut, US. Cyanoacrylate and Anaerobic Materials
  • University of Iowa, Teaching Industrial Organic Chemistry and College Chemistry.

Attended several short courses sponsored by the National Science Foundation including:

  • Coherent Optical Science and Engineering.
  • Energy and Society
  • The Theory of Relativity
  • Concepts and Teaching Strategies