David Quesada, PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
Faculty member since 2002

Carnival Building, Room 115
Phone: 305-474-6910
Fax: 305-628-6706

Dr. David Quesada is a faculty member in the School of Science, Technology, and Engineering Management at Saint Thomas University. He earned his Ph.D. in the field of theoretical condensed matter physics from the Department of Theoretical Physics in the School of Physics, University of Havana, Cuba by studying possible mechanisms responsible for high temperature superconductivity. His BS and MS are both from Moscow State University Lomonsov in Russia (1990). During his teaching career (8 years at the University of Havana and 5 years at STU), Dr. Quesada taught courses in the areas of physics and mathematics for undergraduate students covering from entry level to upper division subjects.

Research and Scholarly Activities
Atmospheric and Mathematical Physics - Dynamic evolution of hurricanes, climate physics and connecting weather with health (asthma modeling). His research focuses on atmospheric and climate physics by studying mechanisms of hurricane motion and development, as well as statistical correlations between weather parameters. Also, Dr. Quesada studies mathematical models of immune response during asthma attacks and possible links with environmental triggers. Results from his research activities have been presented in conferences and workshops as well as published in peer-reviewed journals. In addition to teaching and research activities, Dr. Quesada is a member of different scientific societies, collaborates with WeatherBug Teacher Academy, and participates with the NWS/NOAA in the Skywarn spotter program.