Adjunct faculty since 2007
Kennedy Hall, Room 200
Phone: 305-628-6760
Fax: 305-628-6706
Professor Lisa Burgess has her MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Florida, Miami (2007) and her BS in Biological Science from Florida Atlantic University (2004). She is the Biological Science Laboratory Manager for Broward Community College since 2000, and Adjunct Professor at Broward Community College teaching microbiology and biology majors, and an adjunct faculty member at St Thomas University teaching advanced topics in Forensic Science. Professor Burgess’ concentration is in Forensic DNA and Serology and her specialization is Neuroscience/Cell Biology. Her Thesis was Future Trends in Forensic Genetic Analysis.
Research and Scholarly Activities
Forensic genetics analysis, differentiating DNA polymerases for use in forensic rtPCR and STR typing (comparing different DNA polymerases for use with rtPCR and forensic DNA profiling in order to increase statistical confidence in profiles from STR analysis).