Luca D’Ottone, MA

Adjunct faculty since 2003
Kennedy Hall Room 200
Phone: 305-628-6760
Fax: 305-628-6706
Prof. Luca D’Ottone is an intellectual property consultant, registered to practice in front of the US Patent and Trademark office in patent cases since January, 2005. Professor D’Ottone joined St. Thomas University as an adjunct faculty member in 2003. He earned a BS in Chemistry from the University La Sapienza of Rome in 1997 and an MA in Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of Miami RSMAS in 2003.
Research and Scholarly Activities
Prof. D’Ottone’s research interests include the thermodynamic of natural waters and the invasiveness of non-native plants in the South Florida environment. He has been lecturing chemistry courses at Miami Dade College since the fall semester of 2000.