Karon Kell Anderson, MS
Adjunct Faculty since 2001
Kennedy Hall, Room 200
Phone: 305-628-6760
Fax: 305-628-6706

Professor Karon Anderson earned her MS in Chemistry at the University of Miami, FL (date). A native of Tennessee, Professor Anderson has resided in Miami Dade County since 1958 and her post-secondary teaching career spans two decades in this community. Professor Anderson joined St Thomas University as an adjunct faculty member in 2001. In addition to her teaching assignments at STU, she routinely teaches lecture and laboratory courses in chemistry and biochemistry at other institutions. This didactic repertoire is enhanced by her prior experience in research and clinical environs as a Board Certified Critical Care R.N. She has been honored by elected membership into Sigma Xi (1988) and the International Society of Toxinology (1992), is a current member of the American Chemical Society and serves on a General Chemistry Education committee.

Research and Scholarly Activities
Professor Anderson’s present scholarly interests include uptake, utilization and signal transduction of select amino acids in muscle tissue. Her research background is In vivo racemization of aspartic acid in brain protein as a molecular basis for neurodegenerative disease; kinetic studies of metal induced racemization of free aspartate; potential excitotoxic neurotransmission by D-asp.