STU Professors Publish Work from United States Department of Defense (DOD) Funded Spinal Cord Injury Project

Dr. Jeffery Plunkett and Dr. Alexis Tapanes-Castillo from the School of Science recently published a review article entitled “Axonal regeneration after spinal cord injury in zebrafish and mammals: differences, similarities, translation.”  The work appears in the August edition of Neuroscience Bulletin. This is the first of several articles concerning regeneration following spinal cord injury from DOD funds awarded to Dr. Plunkett. This summer the Plunkett lab has engaged 14 undergraduate students in research endeavors through funding provided by the Kennedy Foundation and the STU Summer Research Institute. The Plunkett Lab is also working in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Martin Oudega from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine which expands the opportunities to STU students.