Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

BS in Chemistry Program 
The chemistry program develops problem solving skills, allowing students to pursue careers in chemistry, forensic sciences, pharmacology, dentistry or medicine. Our graduates are prepared to enter graduate programs in chemistry, to seek employment as a chemist or forensic scientist, or to apply to medical school, dental school, or veterinary medicine. Our program emphasizes problem solving skills, laboratory skills, and the opportunity for undergraduate research.

Program Requirements (120 credits)
Major Prerequisites
        BIO 108, 108L Principles of Biology + laboratory
        BIO 109, 109L Principles of Biology II + laboratory
        CHE 101, 101L General Chemistry I + laboratory
        CHE 102, 102L General Chemistry II + laboratory
        CHE 243, 243L Organic Chemistry I + laboratory
        CHE 244, 244L Organic Chemistry II + laboratory
        COM 400 Business Communication and Report Writing
        MAT 205 Applied Statistics
        MAT 232 Calculus I
        MAT 233 Calculus II
        PHY 101, 101L College Physics I + laboratory
        PHY 102, 102L College Physics II + laboratory

Major Requirements
        BIO 352, 352L Biochemistry I + laboratory
        CHE 321, 321L Quantitative Analysis + laboratory
        CHE 355 Basic Physical Chemistry

Major Electives

Take two additional 300/400 level Chemistry courses.
Take two additional 300/400 level Biology or Chemistry courses.

General Electives (5 - 9 credits)

Prospective Students