Students in pre-professional programs, such as engineering, architecture, computer science, and technical careers as well as students planning to attend graduate programs in science or mathematics, benefit from a Minor in Mathematics. In addition, the minor is designed to provide all students the opportunity to broaden knowledge and comprehension of the role that mathematics plays in a wide variety of disciplines.
Mathematics students are exposed to high level concepts such as advanced calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and numerical analysis with emphasis on theoretical and practical viewpoints.
The Mathematics Minor requires 20-21 credits taken from these selections:
MAT 232 Calculus I
MAT 233 Calculus II
MAT 306 Ordinary Differential Equations

Take three Mathematics electives at the 300 or above (including MAT 234)
MAT 234 Calculus III
MAT 310 Advanced Statistics
MAT 311 Linear Algebra
MAT 316 Complex Variables
MAT 320 Graph Theory and Networks
MAT 325 Game Theory
MAT 410 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MAT 415 Numerical Analysis
MAT 420 Introduction to the Theory of Algorithms

Prospective Students