Who qualifies for a FULL RIDE?

  • Incoming full-time Freshmen with:
    - a 3.5 (unweighted) HS GPA or higher
    - SAT scores of 500 or above in
       both MATH and VERBAL
  • Florida Residents

      Undergraduate Applications

STU/UM Joint Nursing Degree Program

St. Thomas University offers an extraordinary Nursing Program in which students study in an open cohort and participate in a dynamic learning community. Our exclusive program serves both the academic and financial needs of the students. STU has the best Nursing Program in South why go anywhere else?


Incoming, full-time freshmen who have a 3.5 (un-weighted) high school GPA or higher, SAT scores of 500 or above in both MATH and VERBAL, demonstrate financial need and are Florida Residents would quality for fully paid tuition plus a $1400.00 book allowance each year to attend the STU nursing program. Provided the student maintains the required GPA, this funding is renewable the second year at STU. We are able to offer these scholarships thanks to generous endowments given to us by the North Date Medical Foundation and Blue Cross and Blue Shielf of Florida. When students reach UM the same endowment funds are available to STU students.

For further information
please contact:

Dr. John Abdirkin

Professor of Biology; Director, School of Science, Technology and Engineering Management; Coordinator, 2 + 2 Joint BSN Nursing Degree Program STU/UM

Ph: 305-628-6503

Our program assures direct-entry to UM with no waiting period for qualified students. When students complete the requirements at STU in the spring of the second year they attend UM in the fall of the same year. The School of Nursing and Health Studies at UM is ranked the number 1 Nursing School in Florida. UMSONHS is also amongst the top 20 Nursing Schools in the nation.

Take the full ride at STU to enter into one of the most exciting medical centers!

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