The program is designed to prepare students for practicing law in the globalized atmosphere of the 21st century by broadening their understanding of Civil Law. Four 3-credit courses will be offered, two of which may be enrolled in by each of the 50 students to which the program will be limited.

Due to the accelerated pace of the curriculum program, weekday afternoons (except Friday) should be devoted to study, although weekend trips are at the option of the student. Required casebooks and text materials must be purchased by the students at their expense prior to departure for Spain. All courses comply with the standards of the American Bar Association, and the program has been approved by the Accreditation Committee of the ABA Section on Legal Education.

Although generally credits earned in an A.B.A. accredited program are completely transferable to your home school it is unlikely that participation in a study abroad program for only one summer may accelerate graduation. Students should check with their home schools and review A.B.A. Standards for Approval of Law Schools Rule 304 and Interpretation 304-4 if they desire to accelerate graduation.