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Student Government Association

We hope you navigated to this page because you are interested in taking responsibility for your University experience. We are transfers, undocumented people, STU residents, commuters, former athletes, former interns, mathematicians, community organizers, global marketing wizards, university publication editors, and even students... While we all see the world and life slightly differently, we are all thrilled to be here for you as your leaders on campus.

We encourage you to take full advantage of all the wonderful possibilities that STU has to offer, and to take part in the many University activities at St. Thomas. Our success as a group largely depends on you. Are your needs being met? Are you being challenged? Is the University doing what they say they are doing? Are you lost and in need of resources and direction? Have a brilliant idea? See something going on elsewhere and want to bring it here? Visit our offices at the Center for Student Involvement in the Student Center. We are open from 9 to 5. You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

SGA Board Members

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the legislative body of the SGA. It is composed of students who are passionate about the growth and development of the University. We see and feel the areas that need attention at the university, and speak to those that are able to implement positive change.

The Senate’s purpose is to represent the students. We are qualified because we are students and we are connected. We believe that we have an accurate pulse of the issues around campus affecting our diverse student population.

If you have a concern, please drop us an email so we can set up a meeting.

Who We Are

  • Nikita Mukhi, Speaker of the Senate
  • Joana Almeida, Senator
  • Michelle Arevalo, Senator
  • Susan Calix, Senator
  • Watsonie Denis, Senator
  • Bereti Niclasse, Senator
  • Johanna Wilson, Senator

What Do Senators Do

  • Act as a liaison between the students and the rest of Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Represent the University outside of campus.
  • Represent the student body by attending Faculty/Staff & Committee meetings.
  • Propose and implement solutions to student issues.
  • Create legislation for SGA policies.
  • Work on special projects or resolutions to change university policies.

Student Government Constitution and Bills

View the SGA Constitution

View our Passed Bills

Want to become a Student Senator? Applications are now available in the SGA Office, located in the Student Center.