School of Theology and Ministry

Our Vision
The School of Theology and Ministry at St. Thomas University is a multicultural, inter-confessional, and interfaith community of women and men dedicated to developing and using their diverse gifts and talents to bring about God’s reign of justice, peace and reconciliation.

Our Mission

The School of Theology and Ministry is anchored in the Catholic tradition. From within that tradition, and in the context of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, we are committed to serious academic inquiry and to the methods of practical theology. We provide our students with solid theological training and prepare them to engage in experiential reflection, transformative action and servant leadership required for the flourishing of both civil and ecclesial life.

Our History

Theological education at St. Thomas University began with the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. With the inauguration of the Institute for Pastoral Ministries in 1980 the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry was added to respond to the educational needs of lay persons involved in various pastoral ministries. In 2000, the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry grew to include a specialization in Deaf Ministry. Within a short time, the Centers for Justice and Peace and Wholistic Spirituality were also established.

The Institute of Pastoral Ministries underwent further expansion in 2005 when the Ph.D. in Practical Theology was added to its programs. Two years later, in 2007, as part of the University’s restructuring, a separate School of Theology and Ministry emerged under its own Dean. Shortly thereafter, in 2010, the Master of Divinity Program was added along with the Ecumenical Institute. 

The School of Theology and Ministry now enrolls over 125 men and women in our various degree and certificate programs. The latter offer a number of opportunities for adults seeking to deepen their spiritual life, broaden their knowledge of scripture, or engage new avenues for ministry.

To date over 300 women and men have completed our programs and have gone on to become, among other things, successful teachers, researchers, preachers, pastors, chaplains, directors of religious education and community organizers.

Hallmarks of the School of Theology and Ministry  
  • Diversity:  life and learning are enriched by the religious and ethnic diversity that characterizes our learning community.
  • Location: we are in Miami, the crossroads of the western hemisphere, with all the cultural opportunities and diversity an international city has to offer.
  • Academic Excellence: our programs combine solid theological content and practical experiential learning.
  • Flexibility:  we offer a variety of schedules and delivery systems that make our programs accessible.
  • Small Classes: our classes are taught by faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, where you are encouraged to participate.
  • Individual Attention: we offer personalized advising and mentoring to help you succeed.