The Ecumenical Institute

“Christians cannot underestimate the burden of long-standing misgivings inherited from the past, and of mutual misunderstandings and prejudices. Complacency, indifference and insufficient knowledge of one another often make this situation worse. Consequently, the commitment to ecumenism must be based upon the conversion of hearts and upon prayer, which will also lead to the necessary purification of past memories. With the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Lord's disciples, inspired by love, by the power of the truth and by a sincere desire for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation, are called to re-examine together their painful past and the hurt which that past regrettably continues to provoke even today.” 
(Ut Unum Sint, Pope John Paul II, May, 1995)

The Ecumenical Institute at St. Thomas University

  • Embodies a commitment to understanding, respect and care
  • Fosters intra- and inter-religious dialogue and study
  • Nurtures women and men during their study for ministerial and pastoral leadership
  • Promotes a cooperative and contextualized effort by partners-in-ministry

Join us in “the active and intelligent work of ecumenism.”