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For course advisement contact:
Dr. Ted Whapham
MA & MDiv Program Director
(305) 474-6842
Nathaniel Samuel, PhD
STM 503-91 Human & Faith Development
Meets 3 wknds: Sept. 12-13, Oct. 24-25, Nov. 21-22
FRI 6pm-9pm – SAT 9am-5pm

Course Description:Compares theories of human development as focused by adult and family life-cycle theories of the social sciences and theories of faith development as sources for pastoral practice.

Rev. Elias Bouboutsis, PhD
STM 507-11 Theological Ethics
Meets Thursdays (Dooner Hall 202A) 6pm-9pm

Course Description:Surveys contemporary moral theologies, their historical origin and development.

Theodore Whapham, PhD
STM 531-11 History of Christian Thought I
Meets Mondays (Dooner Hall 202A) 6pm-9pm

Course Description: Surveys Christian theology in a systematic and historical framework. Students will receive a strong background in basic Christian theology in a manner that enables them to consider current theological questions and applications of Christian theology to contemporary ministry. This course is the first of a two-course series and will explore the time of intense doctrinal development during the first five centuries up to the late fifteen century.

Mary Carter Waren, DMin
STM 571-91 Pastoral Care & Counseling
Meets 3 wknds: Sept. 5-6, Oct. 17-18, Nov. 14-15
FRI 6pm-9pm – SAT 9am-5pm

Course Description: Provides pastoral ministers with the basic principles and human relations skills for counseling in a faith-based setting, including spirituality and value orientation in the counselor/counselee relationship.


STM 673-91 Spirituality, Death & Healing
Meets 2 wknds: Sept. 19-21, Nov. 7-9
FRI 6pm-9pm – SAT 9am-5pm – SUN 9am-1pm

Course Description: Studies the spiritual attitudes, beliefs and practices of several major religious traditions from the perspective of the pastoral care of those involved. Special attention will be given to developing pastoral skills including leading rituals and preaching at funerals and memorial services and healing strategies for the bereaved.

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