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For course advisement contact:
Dr. Ted Whapham
MA & MDiv Program Director
(305) 474-6842
Msgr. Terence E. Hogan, SLD
14/S1 STM 721H/861H Spcl Topics: Liturgical Spirituality
Meets May 12th-22nd (M-Th) (Dooner Hall 202A) 6pm-9pm

Course Description: The relationship between liturgy and spirituality will be considered under its theological, scriptural, historical and multicultural dimensions. Prominent in the study will be the use of liturgical signs and symbols, the liturgical year and hours, and popular piety and devotions.

Sr. Ondina Cortes, rmi, PhD
14/S1 STM 721I/861I Spcl Topics: Youth Ministry in an Intercultural Community
Meets May 27th-June 5th (T-Th, Dooner Hall 202A) 6om-9pm

Course Description:Explores the theology, principles, and practices of effective youth ministry in cultural context, including the role of popular media, with a focus on nurturing faith growth and social consciousness in adolescents. Students will develop a practical understanding of culturally and developmentally appropriate models and methods of youth ministry and related pastoral care.

Craig Reese, PhD
14/S3 MAN 553 Seminar in Church Bus Adm.
Meets on Mondays 6pm-9pm

Course Description: Timely topics of interest and present practice will be addressed in this course. Topics such as changes in law, trends in legal issues, networking, leading volunteers, managing the interface between lay and clergy, and team building of paid staff and volunteer workers.

Fr. William L. Burton, ofm
14/S6 STM 721J/861J Spcl Topics: Paul and His Writings
Meets July 3rd-31st on Thursdays and July 21st on Monday
(Dooner Hall 202A) 6pm-9pm

Course Description: The figure of St. Paul towers, not only over the New Testament, but over the first two centuries of church history. Yet Paul’s letters are difficult for us to understand – they were difficult for the early church to understand. Our early sessions will focus on Paul, the Pharisee. Next we will look at the significance of the Hellenistic letter as the genre of choice, used by Paul.

Finally, we will look at the “undisputed” Pauline letters to glean an insight into the emergent theology of Paul so we can better appreciate his genius and measure the tremendous influence this man has had on Christianity.

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