Whapham, Theodore

Dr. Theodore James Whapham

Theodore Whapham Director of Master’s Degree Programs

Dr. Theodore James Whapham
MA & MDiv Program Director
Assistant Professor
(305) 474-6842

Director of Master Degree Programs;  Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology

  • B.A. (University of Dayton, Dayton, OH)
  • M.A. (Catholic University of America, Washington DC)
  • Ph.D (Catholic University of America, Washington DC)

Selected Publications:
  • The Term “Person” in the Trinitarian Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg, American University Studies Series 7, Vol. 321 Theology and Religion (New York: Peter Lang Publishing), 2012.
  • Spirit as Field of Force,” Scottish Journal of Theology (forthcoming).
  • “The Saints and Tradition:  A Distinctively Catholic Conversation in Practical Theology?” Presented to The Catholic Theological Society of America, June 2011

Ted Whapham joined the faculty of the School of Theology and Ministry in 2009. He is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area and has lived in South Florida with his wife and three children since 2004.

Dr. Whapham is an active member of the Catholic Theological Society of America, as well as the College Theology Society and the Association of Practical Theology.

Research and Teaching:
Dr. Whapham’s broad research interests have focused on various aspects of the work of Wolfhart Pannenberg.  His recently published book on the Pannenberg’s understanding of Trinitarian personhood argues for the need to maintain a modified contemporary understanding of the term “person” as a part of Trinitarian theology.  In addition to the long standing of this term in Christian doctrine, “person” has a great capacity to express the complex network of relations that exist among the persons of the Trinity and all of creation.  He is also interested in questions of theological method and role of practices and their interpretation in the formation of the Christian tradition. 

Dr. Whapham teaches a wide range of courses at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels including: Hermeneutics for Practical Theology, Sources of Contemporary Practical Theology, Christology, Christian Thought I & II, Spiritual Practices in and for Ministry, Faith and Doubt, and the Experience of Christ.

Curriculum Vitae

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