Dr. Jeffrey N. Pickens
Professor of Psychology
PhD, Florida International University; MS, BS, University of Florida
Phone: 305-628-6557
Office: Mimi Dooner Hall, Room 217-H

Dr. Jeffrey N. Pickens is a Professor of Psychology at St. Thomas University since 2001. His training in Developmental Psychology includes a M.S. in Psychology from University of Florida (1981) and Ph.D. in Life-Span Human Development from Florida International University (1990), and a post-doctoral research fellow at University of Miami School of Medicine (1991-1993). He was an Associate Professor at James Madison University, Virginia (1993-2000). Dr. Pickens does community-based research; he conducts program evaluation for North Dade Youth & Family Coalition, and City of Miami Gardens. Dr. Pickens teaches psychology at the graduate and undergraduate levels at St. Thomas University.

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