Master of Science in Counseling Studies

The M.S. in Counseling Studies is designed for those who have completed undergraduate studies earning a B.A. or B.S. degree and who seek to sharpen their skills as leaders and advocates in the field of counseling. The M.S. in Counseling Studies is designed for those who desire to improve the well-being of those whom they lead and serve. This program is specifically geared toward individuals who desire to attain a master’s degree to further their career but do not wish to seek licensure leading to professional counseling. The curriculum is designed to facilitate the development of basic interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and additional knowledge and skills that enhance the preparation of students for professional employment in increasingly diverse social agencies, school and community settings, in business and industry environments, and in health care centers. The M.S. in Counseling Studies integrates sound theoretical and practical knowledge with the goal of integrating a multidisciplinary and broad multicultural perspective into the field of counseling studies.

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Career Opportunities

The M.S. in Counseling Studies is meant for current or aspiring administrators for whom planning, designing, and evaluating human services strategies and developing more effective policies for providing counseling and therapy are recognized as viable assets in achieving their career goals.

Counseling Studies Curriculum


CPS 503 Applied Research Methods

CPS 730 Theories of Personality and Therapy

*CPS 733 Introduction to Counseling

*CPS 745 Abnormal Psychology

CPS 750 Introduction to Community Consultation

CPS 663 Occupational and Educational Principles of Guidance

*CPS 667 Counseling Special and Diverse Populations

Middle / Last

Select three electives in consultation with program advisor:

CPS 720 Life Span Psychology

CPS 735 Group Therapy

CPS 736 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling

CPS 744 Substance Abuse and the Family

CPS 745 Abnormal Psychology

CPS 746 Human Sexuality Counseling

CPS 747 Individual Assessment and Treatment Planning

*Prerequisite Courses


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