Child and Adolescent Studies -Certificate

The Child and Adolescent Studies program is designed for individuals who are studying to become mental health counselors as well as marriage and family, therapists, guidance counselors and those in law, business, public service, or education whose practice entails counseling minors.

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For questions, contact Lawrence C. Rubin, Program Director, at 305-628-6585

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, MS, MHC degree holders with a certificate in Child and Adolescent Studies will be:

  1. Eligible to become and work clinically with children and adolescents under supervision as a registered MHC intern in the state of Florida
  2. Pursue licensure in Florida as a Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and work clinically with children and adolescents
  3. Pursue Registration as a Play Therapist


Upon Licensure, certificate holders graduates will be able to work in a variety of clinical settings with children and adolescents including community mental health centers, universities and schools, hospitals, EAP’s (Employee Assistance Programs) within organizations, and in private practice.

Curriculum Highlights

CPS 720 Life Span Psychology
This course focuses on human biopsychosocial development from conception to death. Major developmental theories will be addressed as will the clinical/counseling issues relevant to each stage of development.

CPS 734 Therapeutic Issues of Infancy and Childhood
The developmental aspects of the neonate, the infant, and the child. Piaget and Eriksson are the basic authorities used to address these periods of human development. Therapeutic skills are practiced in and out of the classroom and evaluated for their effectiveness. The importance of family relationships is given special emphasis.

CPS 737 Therapeutic Issues of Adolescence
This course addresses developmental and therapeutic issues that relate to adolescence. It presumes a developmental perspective, and, in doing so, students examine the biopsychosocial issues of the adolescent as well as the reciprocal impact of those issues on related systems. These include the nuclear and extended family, school, medical, and mental health system. This course also addresses issues related to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

CPS 710 Play Therapy in Counseling
An introductory course designed to explore the principles and techniques of play therapy with preschool- and elementary school-aged children in a variety of counseling settings.

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Certificate Requirements (18 Credits)

  • CPS 710 Play Therapy in Counseling (3)
  • CPS 720 Life Span Psychology (3)
  • CPS 734 Therapeutic Issues of Infancy and Childhood (3)
  • CPS 737 Therapeutic Issues of Adolescence (3)
  • CPS 790 Field Experience I (3)
  • CPS 791 Field Experience II (3)
  • CPS 795 Field Experience III (3)

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