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"Dreaming with DACA" 2018 Symposium

Welcome to the online home of the Intercultural Human Rights Law Review. Founded in 2006, the Intercultural Human Rights Law Review is an annual journal of intercultural human rights scholarship affiliated with the St. Thomas University Law School and its Intercultural Human Rights Program.

Our goal is to publish well-written, cutting-edge human rights scholarship by academics, practitioners, and students. In so doing, this journal provides a forum for the exchange of ideas from a variety of intercultural perspectives.

The Intercultural Human Rights Law Review is committed to exploring new directions and perspectives and providing resources for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. Its mission extends beyond publication. The journal strives to facilitate activism and outreach as well as scholarship. In furtherance of this goal we sponsor numerous intimate discussions and debates on a wide variety of intercultural human rights issues, and host an annual symposium focused on a specific topic related to intercultural and human rights law.

For information about joining the Intercultural Human Rights Law Review, please send an email with the heading "Membership Request" to

Editorial Board Members 2018-2019

Liza Smoker, LL.M. Editor-in-Chief

Christian Gonzalez Rivera, JD Editor-in-Chief

James Sanchez, Managing Editor

Cesar Baldelomar, LL.M. Executive Editor

Karina Hidalgo-Gato, Executive Editor

Diego Sanchez, Executive Editor

Isabel Vera, Executive Editor

Edward de la Osa, Student Articles Editor

Shannon Smith, Symposium Editor

Faculty Advisors

Professor Dr. iur. Siegfried Wiessner

Professor Dr. iur. Roza Pati