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List any work experience of group activity during the last two years that has contributed to your qualifications for a Resident position. Also, include any courses you have taken that you feel have enhanced your skills as a potential Resident Assistant.


Please list any outside commitments you will have while employed as a Resident Assistant. Include work commitments, membership in campus or community organizations, athletics, student teaching, off-campus traning programs, internships, etc. Also indicate hours per week required to fulfill your commitment. Please remember these commitments must be approved by the Associate Director of Residence Life.


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Essay Responses

We strongly recommend that you type your essay responses in a Word application so that you have the ability to save your responses in the event that the application times out. That way you can save your responses and then paste your responses into the web application. You should consider this essay to be no different than one you would submit to a professor for class. Before submitting it, it should be proofread and grammatically correct.

1. What motivates you to apply for this position?

2. St. Thomas University is a culturally/ethnically diverse campus community. What do you see are the benefits and challenges of working as a Residence Life Staff Member to serve the needs of such a population?


Please provide us a detailed program proposal that outlines the following: *

  • Program's Objectives
  • Program's Goals
  • Budget Implication



List the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two persons who have agreed to submit a reference form on your behalf. References should be submitted by those with whom you have worked closely (e.g. professors, past supervisors, or individuals who have observed your in leadership positions). Except for your current RA, Student Affairs staff members cannot serve as references (we want additional perspectives of your abilities). *


By clicking the SUBMIT button below, I understand that I must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.80 and maintain a 2.80 in each semester in order to continue in the Residence Life Program. So that the program may confirm my academic standing is acceptable, I authorize the Associate Director of Residence Life & Services or his designee to retrieve my grade point average during each semester for the duration of my involvement as a Residence Life Staff Member.