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Student Success Technological Systems

To improve self-service systems for students, provide tools to for communication between academic advisors and students, and proactively advise students, St. Thomas University is implementing Student Academic Planning system, Focus 2, and InterviewStream systems beginning Fall of 2015.

  • Starfish is replacing the F.I.R.S.T. and S.T.A.R. systems, and has the ability to integrate data from multiple systems, easier use for faculty and academic advisors, the ability to generate communication based on system data as well as alerts entered by faculty. The student interface allows a student to track their academic progress.
  • The Student Academic Planning system permits students to work with their assigned academic advisor to plan and schedule courses aligned with their chosen program of study. Additionally, the system facilitates communications between academic advisor and advisee related to academic planning and course selection. Its automation permits students to be more aware of their commitments.
  • Focus 2 is a Career Assessment tool, which aligns student’s feedback and responses to the University’s programs of study, and provides students with career exploration options.
    First-time users: Students using the system for the first time will need to enter a self-registration access code (bobcats, all lowercase), a user name (must be unique), a password (can be anything), and email address (your stu.edu email address). Returning users will sign-in with their username and password.
  • InterviewStream prepares job-seekers for entering the workforce by developing the soft skills they need to land their dream job.