Discount Policies

Archdiocese of Miami Discount Policy

The University offers discount of 40% for undergraduate and 15% for graduates for full-time professionals in the Archdiocese of Miami (parish administrators, youth ministers, directors of religious education).  Spouse, children and relatives are not eligible for this discount. Students who enroll as non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive this discount.  To receive the discount, the student must present a letter (on letterhead) stating the student’s position and full status This proof must be shown at the time of registration each academic year.

*The Archdiocese and Teachers discounts do not apply to online program*

Teacher Discount Policy

Teacher discounts of 40% are available to Undergraduate students employed as full-time teachers at Florida public and private schools. At the Graduate level a 15% discount is available to teachers that are employed full-time at Catholic schools.   This applies to teachers hired to teach grades Pre-K through 12 on a full-time regular basis during the school’s normal full-time workweek.  Persons hired to teach on a substitute basis are not eligible for the teacher’s discount.  Students who enroll as non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive this discount.  At the time of registration the student requesting the teacher’s discount must provide a letter from the school’s principal, on school’s letterhead, stating position and grade being taught and indicate that the employee is full-time. This letter must be shown each academic year with a current date, phone number and contact person, at time of registration or by the 8th day of the term.

NOTE – Proof of employment will be accepted until the 8th day of term. Students who fail to do so will be billed the regular graduate tuition rate.



Students who have completed and paid for approved courses can request a FT-1 Form, certifying enrollment and payment.  These are provided at no charge to students.  Processing takes 7-10 business days. During registration periods, the request will take longer to complete.  FT-1 forms are prepared for courses completed and paid for during the current or previous semesters only.  This form is for teachers only.  Requests should be submitted online at Current StudentsàResourcesàFinancial AffairsàStudent FormsàFT-1 Form. These forms are available for the student for pick-up or by U.S. Mail.



Students may request a tuition receipt or invoice for tuition and/or fees that are outstanding or paid in full. Should the student owe a balance an invoice detailing payments and charges will be provided. Processing takes 7-10 business days.  Please allow more time during registration periods. These requests are prepared for the current or previous semesters only.  Please submit your request online at, Current StudentsàResourcesàFinancial AffairsàStudent FormsàTuition Receipts.

Note- If you are employed by Miami-Dade County and are participating in the Tuition Reimbursement Programs, please be advised that due to new procedures enforced by Miami Dade County, we will not allow for invoices/receipts for purposes of reimbursement to be issued directly to the student. At the request of the county, all invoices/receipts, for purposes of reimbursement, will be mailed directly to the Tuition Reimbursement Program Coordinator. The student can be provided a copy of the invoice/receipt for his/her records only.



All full-time law and undergraduate students as well as international graduate students, will be automatically enrolled in and billed for health insurance unless proof of coverage is provided. You can waive out at  (See your registration statement for date proof of insurance must be provided.)  Part-time students may enroll voluntarily.

With an approved waiver, your account will be credited the health insurance fee. Without an approved waiver, the health insurance charge will remain on your student account.

Proof of HEALTH INSURANCE must be submitted online. Proof must be submitted by the posted deadline and all appeals must be submitted by the posted deadline via email only.  For additional information on health insurance you may contact the business office via email at or (305) 474-6977.



Each student or employee who drives a vehicle on campus is required to display a valid parking permit affixed on the lower left on the back windshield.

Each permit is valid for one academic year.  If lost or misplaced, Security must be notified and a new decal will be issued at a cost of $30.00.  Students are required to show an official registration form for the current term, a valid ID, driver’s license, car registration, and insurance information to obtain a decal.  Faculty and staff are only required to show a driver’s license and an employee ID.  Parking citations are issued for not displaying a valid decal, illegal parking, speeding.  Citations can be paid at the business office, online via MYBOBCAT or


It is the University’s policy to assess a return check fee to the student’s account, as listed in the section below.  A personal check will not be accepted for payment to replace a returned check.


Check……………………………………………………………………………. $50.00 fee

“Stop Payments”, “Hold on Funds”, “Refer to Maker”, “Uncollected”, “Endorsement”,

Signature Missing”, “and “Account Closed” are also considered return checks and all fees apply.



Current Students, Former Students and Alumni:
St. Thomas University utilizes an online transcript ordering service offered through National Student Clearinghouse. This system allows you the convenience and efficiency of ordering your official transcripts via the Web at any time, 24/7. You can order as many transcripts as you like in one online session using any major credit card. Each transcript costs $10.

To order your transcripts, visit

  • Click on Order Track Verify
  • Click Order or Track a Transcript
  • Select St. Thomas University from the drop down menu
  • Click Submit
  • Complete Request

Outstanding financial obligations to the University (past due student account balance and/or Perkins loans) is sufficient cause to prohibit the release of transcript.

Mailed requests: If an outstanding obligation exists, the transcript payment received by mail will be applied towards the student’s balance due: funds will not be returned to the student.

The University reserves the right to assign past due accounts to a collection agency.