The Office of Administrative Affairs oversees the building of the annual operating budget for the institution and presenting it to appropriate groups for approval. All other budgets, for gifts, grants and capital projects, are also the responsibility of the Office.

The Vice President of Administration/Treasurer is responsible for monitoring budgets and reporting on budget to actual results and projections.

  • Treasury Functions

The Office is responsible for planning and negotiating all University debt issuance.

The Investment function is managed here including coordination with outside managers, consultants, brokers and custodians. An investment policy—including spending guidelines and asset allocation targets—is the responsibility of this Office.

  • Cost Studies

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for producing program costing and cost projections – both direct and indirect – to include computations of University overhead rates.

  • Physical Plant

This general category includes the operation and maintenance of University facilities; including planning, budgeting and completion of all deferred maintenance and other capital projects.

All Capital Projects are contracted directly through the office of Administrative Affairs.The Office serves as liaison between architects, the Board of Trustee Planning Committee, and the Board of Trustee Finance Committee, in the design and approval of the campus Master Plan which covers all the current and future plans for university development.