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St. Thomas University traces its roots back to the Universidad de Santo Tomas de Villanueva, founded in 1946 in Havana, Cuba, by American Augustinians. The university was established in Miami, FL in 1961 with 150-acre campus as a private, nonprofit, Catholic university that focuses on developing leadership skills in the classroom and beyond.

St. Thomas University is known as a tightly-connected scholar community that engages the next generation of Leaders and dedicated on delivering a personalized private education. St. Thomas University graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge that will ultimately position them as a leader within their chosen field. South Florida Business Journal ranks St. Thomas University among the top 3 colleges that produce the highest-earning graduates in South Florida.

St. Thomas University’s enrollment is 6300 students and it carries out an impressive program of research over a wide variety of disciplines. In particular, St. Thomas is renowned as a leader in the fields of Business, Law, Human Rights, Communication Arts, Criminal Justice, Sports Administration/Management, Cyber Security, Education and Nursing.

St. Thomas is a challenging, student-centered school, recognized for providing individual instruction with 12:1 student faculty ratio. Over 97% of St. Thomas University's student receive institutional grants or scholarships. St. Thomas University also offers various on-campus living options. St. Thomas University offers 35 Undergraduate Majors, 27 Graduate Majors, 5 Doctoral Programs and 1 Professional Program (Law). St. Thomas University also offers 14 varsity teams: Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Golf, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Track and Field, Softball, and Volleyball. St. Thomas University is recognized as an NAIA Five-Star Champion of Character Institution.


St. Thomas University concentrates on developing personal and transferable skills necessary for professional life, such as problem solving, critical analysis, research, and written and oral communication. Through group projects students learn how to operate effectively in a team setting.

St. Thomas University alumni are a connected network with strong links to many firms and organizations in professional sports, travel and tourism, and international business and commerce. Internships and even job placement opportunities are available to students in most programs, allowing you to engage in stimulating, fulfilling, and career-enhancing endeavors. The Student Success Center is designed to enrich all aspects of the student experience and ensures every student armed with skills and tools to succeed in life.

St. Thomas University Schools and Colleges
• Biscayne College
• School of Leadership, Education and Communication
• Gus Machado School of Business
• School of Law
• School of Science, Technology, and Engineering Management
• School of Theology and Ministry


Biscayne College is the school of liberal arts, social sciences, and counseling at St. Thomas University. Its story reaches back to the University's founding as Biscayne College in 1961, and its future builds on the aspirations and commitment of highly diverse and motivated students learning from dedicated and enthusiastic faculty who present a curriculum rich in traditional values and innovative content that prepares individuals to thrive within the realities of the 21st century.

A Leader is an Individual with a Dream and the will to Make it Real!

• Choose an undergraduate major in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Political Science, Liberal Arts/Global Leadership, English, History, or Global Studies
• Earn a Masters in Guidance and Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Criminal Justice, or Liberal Studies with an emphasis in English Language Arts, Global Ecological Ethics, or Theology and Ministry.
• Join Biscayne College for the education of a lifetime.

Biscayne College's seven undergraduate majors and five graduate degrees provide background and knowledge for careers or further professional studies based on the experiences and research of an outstanding and creative faculty. Special certificates in international relations, homeland security, and professional writing are available for undergraduates and certificates in loss and healing or marriage and family counseling for graduates.

At Biscayne College, the education goes beyond the courses and classroom to an enormous variety of extracurricular programs and special activities. Biscayne College houses the Center for Community Engagement (facilitating engaged pedagogy and community), the Institute for World Languages and Cultures (overseeing second language and study abroad programs), Honors and Fellows programs (cultivating student excellence), the QEP (aiming to ensure writing excellence across the curriculum) as well as a 3+3 and pre-law program, the Catholic Continuum, the Center for Ethics, and numerous student clubs.


The School of Leadership, Education and Communication programs span an array of disciplines, fostering our belief that leaders transform the world. The Institute for Communication, Entertainment and Media (ICEM), the Institute for Educational Studies and the Institute for Professional Studies provide exciting educational opportunities for innovative leaders to guide us into the future with a positive and visionary approach. We now offer many of our advanced degrees in education entirely online for students who live outside of South Florida and working professionals who need flexible class and study times.

Our philosophy is founded in the belief that “leadership is learned." Our faculty is dedicated to ensuring that students experience practical training as well as develop the critical thinking skills needed to excel as leaders. We prepare our students with the passion, dedication, ethics, and commitment with which we expect our graduates to leave St. Thomas University.


The Gus Machado School of Business at St. Thomas University is committed to educating tomorrow’s global leaders. Our expert faculty prepares students for the evolving realities of the global marketplace. By integrating Ethics throughout the curriculum, we equip students with the cross-functional intelligence and the balanced world view necessary to understand the real impact of organizations and to become effective leaders.

The Gus Machado School of Business understands the need for business expertise in the marketplace, and its distinguished faculty is ready to expand students’ knowledge in critical areas. Individual attention, small classes, and a diverse student population ensure that students emerge prepared to meet the challenges of a multi-cultural business environment. Your learning experience, in a small, intimate setting, is custom-tailored to you. Whether you’re on campus or enrolled in one of our fully online programs, our average class size is 15 students, reflecting one of the smallest student-faculty ratios in the country. We offer personalized student advising and focus on career development and placement, with special attention to the development of ethics and leadership skills. You will learn from an experienced and dedicated faculty, combining both academic and business experience.

The Gus Machado School of Business provides ready access to industries defining the new business frontier: Tourism and Hospitality Management, Cyber Security Management, Accounting, Finance, International Business, and Marketing. The School’s Sports Administration program is recognized as one of the nation’s best.

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing, and global citizenship policies and sustainability are trends moving to the forefront of mainstream business practices. As a prime gateway to Europe and Latin America, our South Florida location gives the School a unique world view offering graduates exceptionally strong support for success in the global marketplace.

The Gus Machado School of Business at St. Thomas University emphasizes hands-on learning via internships, and promotes an interactive learning environment to give students real-world skills that they can apply as soon as they graduate.


ST. Thomas University

Founded in 1984, St. Thomas University School Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. It is part of a Catholic university and a law school where values matter.

St. Thomas Law trains and graduates lawyers capable of applying legal principles to address and solve problems of an increasingly complex and changing society. The rigorous academic program of the law school emphasizes lifelong learning and scholarship in a personalized, caring environment. To this end, we remain committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and community service.

St. Thomas Law offers extensive clinical, externship, and internship opportunities to further enhance our students' legal training.


St. Thomas University's School of Science, Technology & Engineering Management is elevating science programs to a higher level of excellence through internships and hands-on research. All students with an interest in research are given the opportunity to work with distinguished faculty members who have extensively published peer-reviewed research articles and journals, as well as books and book chapters. The close experience with faculty members and cutting-edge research inspires the students to learn more, while realizing their intelligence and developing their capabilities.

How We Develop Leadership

The School offers undergraduate degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Nursing. A Master of Science degree can be obtained in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Big Data Analysis (which has an entirely online option), Physics Nanoscience, Applied Mathematics, Healthcare Ethics, Nurse Practitioner, as well as Science Teaching. Small class sizes in the classroom and in teaching laboratories are key factors for the experience and success of our students. These settings allow for innovation, greater student engagement and the ability for students to develop and grow in their field of interest. Students are being mentored and motivated to solve problems, obtain results and to become result-oriented. All of this takes place in a modern environment close to reality and with a vision towards future career goals.

Science Institutes
• The Institute of Technology is the home for Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Pre-Engineering.
• The Institute for Plant Biology and Agricultural Research works closely with the USDA.
• The Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Research is the home for Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, and Pre-Pharm.
• The Institute of Bioethics is the nervous system of the School of Science.
• The Institute for Health Sciences is the home for the BS in Nursing and the MS in Nursing.


St. Thomas University’s School of Theology and Ministry is anchored in the Catholic Tradition. Within that tradition, and in the context of ecumenical and inter religious dialogue, the School is committed to serious academic inquiry and to methods of practical theology. It provides students with solid theological training and prepares them to engage in the experiential reflection, transformative action and servant leadership required for the flourishing of the Church and humanity.

The School of Theology and Ministry has pioneered innovative formats for classes (hybrid, weekend, and teleconferencing options) to cater to the lives of working adults. Theology and Ministry students are diverse in age, professional backgrounds, ethnicity, country of origin and religious heritage. At the same time, they have a common desire to grow personally and to serve their various faith communities as leaders. Students are prepared for a variety of ministries within the church, as well as for further graduate studies.

Hallmarks of the School of Theology and Ministry

Diversity: life and learning are enriched by the religious and ethnic diversity that characterizes our learning community.
Location: we are in Miami, the crossroads of the western hemisphere, with all the cultural opportunities and diversity an international city has to offer.
Academic Excellence: our programs combine solid theological content and practical experiential learning.
Flexibility: we offer a variety of schedules and delivery systems that make our programs accessible.
Small Classes: our classes are taught by faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, where you are encouraged to participate.
Individual Attention: we offer personalized advising and mentoring to help you succeed.

Accreditation and Affiliations


In June 2012, The School of Theology and Ministry was granted associate status by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. This status was granted as part of the process of full ATS accreditation for all of our graduate programs. Every effort is being made to expedite this process and achieve full accreditation.


The School of Theology and Ministry is a founding member of the Association of Graduate Programs in Ministry (AGPIM). The School is a sponsoring member of the Hispanic Summer Program (HSP), an ecumenical summer program in theology and religion for graduate students. Hispanic, as well as non-Hispanic students in the School of Theology and Ministry are encouraged to apply and take advantage of the scholarship and many other opportunities offered through HSP.