Strategic Planning

St. Thomas University (STU) is undergoing  a new strategic planning process and will launch a new strategic plan this coming Spring 2020. The plan will focus on helping to establish clear cut goals for STU to implement within the next two to three years and provide the building blocks for long term sustainability and growth. Focused on key three pillars—identity, student success and resource stewardship— that were identified by STU President David A. Armstrong, J.D., the process will incorporate alumni, members of the STU boards of advisors, the Board of Trustees, administrators, students and faculty.

As part of the process, the university has implemented a strategic plan steering committee that will guide the creation and implementation of the plan, as well three sub-committees that are developing clear goals and tactics, including, metrics, for each of the three pillars.

Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan (SCSP)

Dr. Jeremy Moreland
Dr. Diana Barbu
Dr. Jose Rocha
Dr. Michael Vastine
Dr. Debbie Goodman

Trustee Representatives:
Mr. Joe Lacher
Mr. John Dooner

Faculty Representatives:
Dr. Bryan Forehle
Dr. Robert Epling
Dr. Katsia Cadeau
Dr. Tony Andenoro

Administration and Staff representatives:
Dr. Luis Fernandez-Torres
Dr. Ted Blashak
Ms. Isabel Gamarra
Ms. Jameka Windham
Ms. Nadine Lewis-Sevilla

Student Representatives:
Undergraduate students:
Mr. Matamron Bacon
Ms. Dayma Pla
Mr. Illya Chakyr

Graduate students:
Mr. Julio Bravo
Ms. Catherine Yepes

Alumni/Advisory Board Member Representatives:
Ms. Leslie Nixon (
Mr. Donald E. Dresback (

Community/Advisory Board Member Representatives:
Mr. David Williams


  • Steering Committee Meeting II: 10/25/2019
  • Steering Committee Meeting I: 10/10/2019