STU’s Leadership Culture

At St. Thomas we make no apology for believing that our community and our world can be a better and happier place, and make sure our students are learning the leadership skills to make it happen.

We are committed to graduating students who have been taught the essential attributes to be leaders in their chosen field. STU students learn the key traits of successful leadership – knowledge, confidence and ethics.


Knowledge equips leaders with the substance they need to be most effective. At St. Thomas University you earn the right to be called a leader because of your experiences in- and outside of the classroom, and because you have invested the time and energy into your education.


Leaders believe in themselves, in their talents and in their ability to achieve goals. A confident leader also instills confidence in others. Knowledge increases confidence and St. Thomas University offers both. We offer a wide range of courses, and activities on and off campus that allow for students to gain knowledge, leadership skills, and positively impact the community.


It is well known that “to lead, people have to want to follow,” people want their leaders to be honest and respectful. Leadership is about ethics, and ethics is about values – values that are deeply ingrained in our Catholic identity and in everything we do on campus. Our students graduate with the traits of ethical leaders, and go on to become honest, respectful, and thoughtful leaders.


A St. Thomas University education is an investment that delivers personalized attention, top-notch academics and a commitment to producing tomorrow’s ethical and engaged leaders. STU’s return on investment isn’t merely about graduating; it is about graduating with the skills and knowledge to be a leader. We are proud of our alumni who today are Leaders for Life, and look forward to the next generation of leaders.

STU is a place of limitless opportunity and access, giving every student that walks through its doors the tools necessary to reach higher and accomplish more. No matter where you want to go in life, you can get there from here.