Basic Skills Courses

Students who have not presented ACT, SAT or CLAST/GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TEST scores, or who’s scores on one or more specified sub-tests fall below the required minimum, will be tested using one of several available standardized test. Students who place below the minimum scores on these tests are required to take skills courses. These courses are available in English, Mathematics and ESL. Skills courses (with course numbers below 100):

  • count toward veteran’s benefits and financial aid requirements
  • carry credit, but the credit cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements;
  • are not computed in a student’s overall Grade Point Average (GPA).

– An intensive writing course emphasizing the process of writing and the related method of critical and analytical thinking which enhances the ability to write freely, concisely and correctly. Students are taught basic information of ideas sentences and paragraph composition, essay construction, and patterns usage in the composition. Computer instructions assist students in grammar mastery, spelling and sentence and paragraph development. Oral communication skills development is an integral part of the course. The credits for this course CANNOT be used to satisfy degree requirements; however, this course can be taken as a general elective course.

MATH 100A INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA – Linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, absolute value equations, systems of equations and inequalities, exponents and radicals, progressions, variation, scientific notation, complex numbers, and applications. The course does not fulfill the general education, science and Math requirement. It can be taken as a general elective course.