Diversity Committee

Purpose Statement

The St. Thomas University Diversity Committee aims to affirm and guide diversity efforts for the University. To affirm diversity means to value the co-existence of multiple cultures in a global context. The study of diversity is wide-ranging and includes institutions, language, art, music, religion, ideals, philosophy, habits of thinking, learning styles, interpersonal and social relationships, and social relationships and the examination of the patterns of power. Select members of this committee staff and provide representation to the Mission Council.The Office of Academic Affairs will convene the members for this committee when necessary.

Diversity Courses

St. Thomas University endorses the study of diversity as wide-ranging. Some of the classes offered are designated as a “Diversity Course.” The Diversity Committee is involved in the approval of proposals for designation of Diversity Courses. As a result of completing a diversity class, students will be able to: discuss representative theoretical texts and articles that address the construction of race and gender, and their intersections with class, nationality ethnicity, sexuality, age, and physical ability, recognize the issues of cultural variables, the influence of power and privilege, and develop skills for navigating in a multicultural community. These courses may simultaneously satisfy other General Education or Major requirements.

Diversity courses compare and contrast at least two cultures, one of which can be the culture of origin; devote some course content and course competencies to the study of diversity; and, through their methods and objectives, offer specific strategies for acquiring cross-cultural and intercultural knowledge, and awareness of skills.

Some of the Diversity Courses offered in the past have included:

  • Florida Government and Politics
  • International Marketing Analysis
  • Multicultural Issues in Psychology
  • Society and Mass Media
  • Theology, Culture and Pluralism
  • World Religion

Diversity (“D”) Courses offered

Section                Course Title

PHI-2010       Introduction to Philosophy
WOH 1012    World Civilization I
REL 2300       World Religions
Diversity Training
The Diversity Committee conducts short, intensive Faculty Diversity Training workshops. Currently, it is exploring the possibility of conducting such training initiatives for staff and students.

Diversity Websites
American Bar Association: Law Student Division – Diversity Day (March 2nd, every year)
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President’s Advisory Council on Diversity