STU Incident Reporting

Ethics Hotline (Navex Global): 1 (877) 369-7432

STU is committed to providing a workplace that is safe, secure, and ethical. The University has contracted with a third-party hotline provider to ensure the safe, secure, and anonymous reporting of activity that may involve misconduct, fraud, abuses, and other STU policy breaches.

Employee Ethics Hotline

Ethics Hotline: (877) 369-7432


Community Standards Violations

The STU Community Standards prohibit conduct that threatens the safety or security of the campus community, is contrary to the mission of the University, or significantly disrupts the functioning or operation of the University, whether it occurs on or off campus, including on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Community Standards Violation (non-academic violations) Form


Academic Integrity

The office of Academic Affairs supports academic integrity by administering a fair and educational student review process. Faculty and non-faculty can submit concerns about academic integrity violations through this online form that is routed directly to the academic college for handling. General classroom misbehavior is regarded as a non-academic violation and should be reported as a violation of community standards.

Academic Integrity Reporting Form


Academic Suspension Appeal

Students that have been placed on academic suspension can appeal the decision. This form must be filled out to appeal an academic suspension formally, within three (3) days of grades being posted for the seemster.

View Academic Suspension Appeal Form


CARE- Community Member of Concern

The CARE (Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation) team is a multidisciplinary group tasked with addressing the concerning or threatening actions, language, or behaviors of St. Thomas University community members. The CARE Team oversees threat assessment and behavioral intervention as an early intervention team. Members of the STU community should report abnormal or threatening behavior to the CARE team or public safety. Use this form to submit a community member of concern to the CARE Team.

View CARE-Community Member of Concern Reporting Form


Title IX

This form is used to report a concern, file a complaint, or initiate an investigation of, sexual harassment, sexual or gender-based harassment, domestic or dating violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, or retaliation in accordance with university policies such as the Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct Policy.

View Title IX Reporting Form


Student Complaint (Customer Service)

STU values your feedback to enhance the delivery of services for all students. Complete this form to provide feedback, positive or negative, regarding interactions or dealings with a department or individual on campus.

View Customer Service Reporting Form