St. Thomas University Policies

At St. Thomas University, we are committed to conducting all of our endeavors according to the utmost standards of integrity and ethics; operating in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and University policies. Compliance with University policies is a condition of employment at the STU.

University policies, handbooks, forms, guidelines and relevant resources are accessible through this website. Any copies (print or online) of policies that are inconsistent with the official versions posted on this website should be disregarded.

Individual colleges, departments, or units may have distinct practices, standards or guidelines, all of which must be consistent with these University-wide policies.

Policy development is overseen by Risk Management and Compliance.  Click here to send a request.

Please check back often to review current policies, new or updated policies and to access helpful guidance or information.  Handbooks for specific constituent groups are maintained by the appropriate offices and located online through the following links:


Policies Open for Comment

Policies listed here are in the development process and open to comments. Please carefully review the policy before commenting.


Use of Campus Volunteers