Catholic Education Continuum

Committed to Developing Leaders for Life and embracing a vision of lifelong learning that will enrich the Catholic Faith, St. Thomas University has introduced the Catholic Education Continuum (CEC) to foster educational and spiritual growth for Catholic High School graduates.

The Catholic Education Continuum is a very special initiative developed by St. Thomas University, one of only eleven diocesan universities in the United States. The program provides an extraordinary opportunity for Catholic High School students during the critical formative high school and college years. In collaboration with partner Catholic High Schools, the STU program offers several benefits.

Catholic Education Continuum Benefits at a Glance

To Students:

  • Full scholarship opportunity for one student from each Catholic high school valued at $100,000
  • Up to 60% tuition discount scholarships and a guarantee of a 50% discount for students participating in Dual Enrollment
  • Dual Enrollment participation allowing students to progress towards a Bachelor’s degree while in High School, reducing the cost and time of their higher education pursuits.
  • Build upon students’ academic and professional interests through involvement in the Academies
  • Provide Dual Enrollment staff and mentors, working closely with students through the last years of their high school journey.
  • Exposure to industry leaders through the Career Academies

To Schools:

  • Empower your students to further enhance their education through Dual Enrollment courses
  • Dual Enrollment classes taught on your campus by your teachers
  • Staff development opportunities for Catholic high school faculty and staff
  • Staff training and compensation for Dual Enrollment courses
  • Special opportunity for faculty and staff to continue their educational pursuit with a 15% tuition discount on graduate programs
  • On-site delivery of graduate degrees

Dual Enrollment

St. Thomas University staff members are assigned to each partner school for support in offering college level classes to high school students. Through the Dual Enrollment program, students are able to enroll in classes that meet their high school requirement and earn them college credit. The classes are taught by teachers that have been certified to teach college level classes.

Classes take place at the high school, making it extremely convenient for students, parents, and teachers.


How does over $100,000 of scholarship assistance sound to you?

In support of the commitment your family has made to a Catholic education, the University Catholic Education Continuum Scholarship Program awards a full scholarship to one graduate of each of the Catholic High Schools in Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville counties. Applicants are encouraged to apply and be admitted by February 2, 2018 for priority consideration.

Additionally, other students coming directly from the Catholic Education Continuum partnership schools are eligible to receive up to a 60% tuition grant. Minimum requirements to be considered are: a 3.3 GPA and 1170 SAT or 24 ACT score. The scholarship is renewable for four consecutive academic years providing full-time enrollment and a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA is maintained.

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Our Academies and Partners


  • Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School
  • Msgr. Pace High School
  • Pope John Paul II High School
  • Christopher Columbus High School

Sports Administration

  • Archbishop Edward McCarthy High School
  • Christopher Columbus High School


  • Christopher Columbus High School

Literature indicates that engaging with students’ academic interests during grades 6 – 12 assists in developing their interests, strengthens their ability to tackle various skills in their fields, and gives them the tools to explore the different options within their disciplines. It also keeps students engaged both socially and educationally. Students participating in our academies will no doubt develop a competitive edge in their career of choice.

The Pre-Law track allows a student to finish a law degree in 5 years, saving 2 years of college. Master’s degrees are possible in just 4 years.

This collaboration also provides the partner school staff with professional development opportunities that will enable them to complete a master’s degree or higher. Teachers wishing to be part of this Continuum activity will be able to teach college level courses.