Invest in Yourself

Over 90% of Our Students Receive Scholarships Ranging from $6,500 to $29,000! Click here to Request Personalized Information from an Admissions Counselor.


Going to college can be both exciting and financially challenging. It will most probably be the biggest investment you will make for yourself. At St. Thomas University, our goal is to make education accessible and affordable to you.

  • Financial Aid will work with you to help ensure that you receive the maximum aid for which you qualify.
  • At present, over 90 percent of our students receive some type of financial assistance.
  • STU offers a combination of scholarships, grants, and employment opportunities.
  • Below are your “Estimated Costs of Attendance for the 2019-20 Academic Year” for all student categories, costs may vary.


Undergraduate Tuition Rates
Full-Time (12 to 18 credit hours) $15,900 per term
Part-Time (1 to 6 credit hours) $795 per credit hour
Summer rate (2021)* $795 per credit hour
Professional Studies Cohort Undergraduate Programs $400 per credit hour
Bobcat Experience Fee $570 per semester
$280 Less than full time per course
Health Insurance $1618 * (can be waived with proof of insurance is provided by posted deadline)
Special Discount:
Undergrad (Teachers, Clergy, ADOM employees) $795 per credit
High School Dual Enrollment $60 Per credit


Graduate Tuition Rates
Theology and MS in Bioethics $550 per credit
MS in Education / Science STEM Educators $500 per credit hour
Ethical Leadership $500 per credit hour
Liberal Arts / Counseling / MSN FNP $650 per credit hour
All Others $800 per credit hour
*Technology and Resource Fee $75 per course
Doctorate Programs $1025 per credit hour
Ethical Leadership $700 per credit hour
*Technology and Resource Fee $100 per course
Special Discount Graduate (Catholic school teachers*) $15% Discount

*does not apply to Theology/Bioethics programs.
*The Archdiocese and Teachers Discount do not apply to Online Programs*

Room and Board
Board (Meals only) $2,315
Casia Hall
Double Room $3,705
Double Suite (Quad) $2,725
Villanova Hall
Triple Room $2,725
Double Room $3,705
Single Room $7,200
University Inn
Triple Room $1,905
Double Room $3,345
Single Room $6,840


Click here to learn more about different room and board rates, see pictures, or apply for housing.

For those students not living On Campus, the estimated costs for students with parents or on their own is as follows:

Undergraduate Room and Board Costs (Estimated Costs)
With Parent $3,294
Off Campus not with parent $14,688
Graduate Room and Board Costs (Estimated Costs)
With Parent $3,294
Off Campus not with parent $14,688

*Costs may vary based on several factors including location, personal accommodations, and living arrangements, etc.

Estimated Transportation Costs

St. Thomas University will provide all students with reasonable estimated transportation costs for the current academic year. Actual transportation costs may vary from student to student depending on several personal choices and factors. To begin with, these costs can vary when based on a student’s housing status. Other factors included but are not limited to how and or if a student commutes to and from school, budgeted costs for public transportation, gas, car insurance parking fees and tolls.
Students living on campus in general would have lower transportation costs since they live on campus and would likely require less to travel for educational purposes.
These transportation costs below do not account for transportation costs for study abroad programs which are budgeted separately for students participating in those programs.

Undergraduate Transportation Costs
On Campus $1,760 (estimated)
With Parent $3,520 (estimated)
Off Campus not with parent $3,520 (estimated)
Graduate Transportation Costs
On Campus $1,760 (estimated)
With Parent $3,520 (estimated)
Off Campus not with parent $3,520 (estimated)

*Estimates are based on information obtained from Bureau of Labor Statistics along with the current IRS rate for mileage.

Miscellaneous Fees
Audit Graduate Course Fee Refer to specific program
Credit by Exam $300
Diploma Replacement Fee $150
Student Health Service fee $105
ID replacement $10
Laboratory Fee $105
Returned Check Fee $50
Late Registration Fee (after 1st week) $150
Parking Permit/Decal replacement fee $30
Transcript Fee (Official) delivery fee $25
Transcript Fee $10
Tuition pay plan enrollment fee $40 per semester